New Event! /join shinobi
Sasuke one of the last members of the Uchiha Clan, Pain with his Akatsuki Group is trying to take control over the shinobi world. Here, help sasuke and his group.

This event contains following items.

  • Shinobi Title
  • Sasuke SLayer
  • Rikudou Polearm
  • Truthseeker staff
  • Rikudo Madara
  • Sasuke (Armor)
  • Truthseeker (Armor)
  • Sasuke Hair
  • Rikudo Cape
  • Truthseeker Orbs
Peace !
New Event! /join rev
Slay Revotheus monster to get new sets and new weapons with rev champion title from the merge shop.

This event contains following items.

  • Rev Title
  • Eternal Revolution Katana
  • Rev armor
  • Renegado Dual
  • Rev Class
  • 7th Rev Animation
  • 7th Rev EvoShirts
  • Renegado rev (Female)
  • Rev Aviator
  • Genesis Wings of Revontheus
Peace !
Welcome back, Fellas!
Welcome back to the infinity Universe!!, Well few of you may know how our server was and how bad the situation went at that time, but now we are back with new stuff we added few new features that weren't there earlier and finally trade are back but we had data wiped up so you can't access game any more with your old accounts.

#Let's rise together once again! Thanks and peace out!

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